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To all who truly enjoy fashion

In the Showa era, when I spent my childhood, kimono was still familiar to me.

On the veranda of the calm sun, my grandmother's back was a natural everyday scene.

Also, at the milestones such as the entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony, my mother was dressed in kimono, visiting the shrine, Shichigosan, and in the summer, yukata.

Wool ensembles in winter.

Certainly, there was a good old Japanese figure there.

Nowadays, kimono has become distant and westernized, and convenience is required.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older that I miss the taste of pure silk and the depth of the rubbing of clothes.

I feel something lonely and unreasonable, and sometimes I enjoy kimono.

Many kimonos that have been sleeping have been sent to me with many ties.

We will endeavor to make such proposals so that old cloth can be revived and easily and enjoyably incorporated into modern life.

Without compromising the goodness of Japanese traditional kimono, we will create a creation that will be fused even now when Western clothing has become mainstream.

Since each piece is sewn by hand, we cannot respond to quickness or mass production.

We would like to carefully and carefully finish it so that it will be a unique item for those who pick it up.

It's a dreamlike hope ... May the day come when you can see the smiles of people wearing Japanese ska ~ wasuka ~ in the city.

From there, I would be happy and wonderful if the number of people wearing Japanese clothes would increase, once again feeling the charm of Japan's proud and beautiful traditional kimono.

Kimono old cloth creator Nami Morita
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